Miko Peled Speaks On Palestine And Zionism

In this video of Miko Peled, the acclaimed anti-Zionist from that part of Palestine known by some as Israel, he talks upon the creation of the Zionist state and highlights the injustice that is Israel, and the injustices perpetrated by Israel.

Peled comes from a strong Zionist Israeli family. His grandfather signed the Israeli ‘Declaration of Independence’, and his father was a general in the Israeli army. Miko is known by some as ‘The General’s Son’. He speaks about his family and in particular his mother’s experiences, as the Israeli state expected her to squat in the home of a Palestinian family who were expelled during the Nakba.

Miko Peled is an eloquent and confident speaker. He is knowledgeable and has credibility when speaking about Israel and the imposition of its creation upon Palestine. In this video, he uses maps, as well as photographs of old Palestine, his family, the refugee camps and many other elements of life and death in Palestine.

For anyone interested in the viewpoint of someone in a unique position to comment upon the travesty that is Israel, this video is an excellent place to learn more.

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