Scorpions of capitalism

Reblogged because Capitalism is, at its heart, a psychological disease.

Rebel Voice

A scorpion asks a frog to carry it across a river. The frog hesitates, afraid of being stung, but the scorpion argues that if it did so, they would both drown. Considering this, the frog agrees, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When the frog asks the scorpion why, the scorpion replies that it was in its nature to do so.

The above parable could be used to describe the actions of capitalists. The unfortunate desires that inspire extremist capitalist behavior are deeply embedded into the minds of those individuals who practice such an ideology.

It is said that unreasonable people cannot be reasoned with. Capitalists are unreasonable people. They strive for personal gain at the expense of all others. They drip with ruthless ambition. They have no care for the consequences of their actions.

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If a responsible and decent member of…

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