Permission Denied: Palestinian Children Struggle To Receive Medical Treatment

The tragic circumstances of Palestine are well documented by this time. There are reports, news articles, films and documentaries. Yet still the brutality of the Israeli regime persists unabated. The age group in Palestine that suffers the greatest ordeal is that of the children.

Today, the children of Palestine are being continually traumatised by the obscene actions of the Israeli authorities. The young are arrested, threatened, beaten, abducted and murdered by a regime that has run amok. Hospitals are bombed or denied essential medicines and facilities. In Gaza, those children with serious medical conditions sometimes get access to treatment in Israeli hospitals, but without their parents, who are forced to remain in what is a prison camp that holds 2 million people. The sick children must travel to a strange place without the comfort of the presence of their parents. Many children cannot access any appropriate medical treatment at all and are refused such by Israel.

This war of psychological attrition is designed to break the will of the Palestinian people to continue to live in the land of their ancestors, a presence that has been unbroken for more than 1000 years for most, and much longer than that for many. If the fascism of Israel is to be stopped, then the governments of the West must step forward and confront them. That seems unlikely, unless the people of the West make them do so.

This is the story of just some of those children and young people of Palestine who suffer from the Zionist hatred and supremacy upon which the state of Israel was built. Surely they deserve not only medical assistance, but a fair hearing from us?

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