Cúchulainn – Hero Of Ancient Ireland

Here’s another chance to meet Ireland’s version of Achilles.

Rebel Voice

Cúchulainn is known as the Hound of Ulster. He is regarded as the greatest of the ancient heroes of Ireland. He broke women’s hearts and he broke his enemies heads. He roamed the land and, in a Perseus kinda way, got into many adventures and scrapes. He travelled to Scotland for a spot of loving with a female warrior there.

All-in-all, the bold Cúchulainn was quite a man. He died in battle having defeated, in single combat, virtually the entire army of Connaught. He died from his wounds and his enemies only dared approach his body when the Morrigú – the Goddess of Death – in the shape of a raven, landed upon his mighty shoulder.

The stone where he died is said to be in modern day County Louth near the town of Dundalk. His famous spear, the immortal Gáe Bolg, is hanging in the offices of Rebel…

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