Reflections On The Ten – Poem By A.D.

Here’s a revised edition of a poem first published on Rebel Voice some years ago. Is it improved or not? That’s for the reader to decide.

Rebel Voice

This piece of verse comments upon the major occurrences of the poet’s life. It moves in a cryptic manner through global events coming to rest upon the tragedies that marked his life more fully than the others. “The Ten” refers to the Irish hunger strikers who were martyred in the H-block protests of 1981.

                       Reflections on The Ten

Will they speak of fallacies, will they speak at all

upon the end of one man’s life when some seek to recall

the times that were and how they were and all the eyes did see

that rippled waves of consequence upon the refugee.


Shall they say the King had died, collapsed beside the throne

where dignity was flushed away and rumour found a home.

Can they speak of crumbling walls dividing crumbling lands that

fell before the dreaming hordes…

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