Fistful Of Dynamite – Duck You Sucker (Classic Western)

  As Paddy’s Day is fast approaching, Rebel Voice has decided to remind you of what happens when Irish rebels go abroad to warmer climes. It’s not all about sunburn and magharitias, you know. In this classic western, James Coburn playes the part of an IRA volunteer caught up in the Mexican revolution, with predictably […]

The Great O’Neill – Biography Of Irish Gaelic Chieftain

The Great O’Neill by Seán Ó Faolain Aedh Ruadh Ó Néill, or as he was better known in English, Red Hugh O Neill, was the last of the mighty chieftains who ruled Gaelic Ireland from the earliest times. These powerful aristocrats devised a precarious system of rule on the Emerald Isle that lasted for well […]

Reflections On The Ten – Poem By A.D.

Originally posted on Rebel Voice:
This piece of verse comments upon the major occurrences of the poet’s life. It moves in a cryptic manner through global events coming to rest upon the tragedies that marked his life more fully than the others. “The Ten” refers to the Irish hunger strikers who were martyred in the…

Luke Kelly – The Molly Maguires (Miner’s Ballad Of Resistance)

The famed Molly Maguires were a 19th century secret society active in Ireland, Liverpool and parts of the Eastern USA. They were organised among the Irish emigres who worked in manual jobs and were perhaps best known as the rebellious coal miners of Pennsylvania. In 1877-88, violent resistance broke out in Pennsylvania between the Molly […]

Ruairí Ó Brádaigh Radio Interview (1998)

Ireland has produced many notable political leaders over the years. Ruairí Ó Brádaigh was one of them. Born in Longford in 1932, Ó Brádaigh was from a strong Republican family, his father Matt having been an IRA volunteer who was wounded in action. Ruairí held the position of Chief of Staff of the IRA from […]

Introduction To United Irishmen Rebellion Of 1798

The Rising of 1798 was a heady rebellion in Ireland that created a framework for Irish Republicanism and the wars that followed. Founded by protestants in Belfast, the Republican United Irishmen sought to remove sectarianism from Irish society. They elicited help from Napoleon who sent ships and troops but they arrived on the west coast […]

Kings Of America – Novel By R.J. Ellory

Kings Of America  by R.J. Ellory Rebel Voice has previously read a novel by Roger Jon Ellory and thought it a fine piece of writing. A Quiet Belief In Angels is streets ahead of Kings Of America which is, quite frankly, a terrible book. In his forward, Ellory commented upon the research that he undertook […]

Thomas Davis Poem – The Green Above The Red

This is yet another stirring piece of verse from the poet laureate of Irish Republicanism, Thomas Davis. In this poem, Davis laments the falling of Irish martyrs in battle, and looks hopefully to the day when the servants of Irish freedom will eventually triumph over their colonial oppressors. Remember that such writings could have seen […]

Thomas Davis Poem For Eoghan Rua O’Neill

Lament For The Death Of Eoghan Ruadh O’Neill ‘Did they dare, did they dare, to slay Eoghan Ruadh O’Neill? ‘ ‘Yes, they slew with poison him they feared to meet with steel.’ ‘May God wither up their hearts! May their blood cease to flow! May they walk in living death, who poisoned Eoghan Ruadh! ‘ […]

Declan Hunt – The West’s Asleep

The lyrics of this fine ballad will be stirring to all with rebel blood in their veins. It is based on the poem by Thomas Davis. The audio follows the lyrics. The West’s Asleep When all beside a vigil keep, The West’s asleep, the West’s asleep – Alas! and well may Éireann weep When Connacht […]

Braveheart – Stephen The Irishman

Strangely, when in the US at the time of the movie’s release, Rebel Voice noticed that many US construction workers started to believe that all Irishmen were perhaps as crazy as Stephen, and many Irishmen working there did little to convince them otherwise. There are worse ways to be portrayed, we suppose. – If you […]