Introduction To United Irishmen Rebellion Of 1798

The Rising of 1798 was a heady rebellion in Ireland that created a framework for Irish Republicanism and the wars that followed. Founded by protestants in Belfast, the Republican United Irishmen sought to remove sectarianism from Irish society. They elicited help from Napoleon who sent ships and troops but they arrived on the west coast too late.

The Rising was strongest in Ulster but also took place in Wexford and Mayo. Sadly, it failed in its aims. However, it did succeed in inspiring Irish men and women of future generations who continued the fight against British colonialism. That fight continues to this very day and will go on until all of Ireland is free.

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  1. Owen Dunbar

    You say the rebellion ALSO took place in wexford when in fact wexford was the heart of the rebellion. You should come and visit Wexford sometime. Regards Owen Dunbar. Gorey Co Wexford .

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