Eva Bartlett – Independent Journalist – Relates Her Experiences In Syria And Gaza

Eva Bartlett has an important presence in the world of independent media. It must seem at times that she is a voice in the wilderness. Bartlett has covered the conflicts in both Gaza and Syria extensively. She has been castigated by the Zionist media for telling the truth, but they have not stopped her.

In the following interview, Eva speaks about her visit to Syria and her observations on the alleged Syrian chemical weapons attack in Douma, among others. It makes for interesting reading and flies in the face of the official western narrative.

It is now accepted, and widely known, that western powers first set the scene for imminent attacks on those who they wish to remove. First they cause civil strife in the targeted nation of region. Concurrently, they spread disinformation and lies about the targeted authorities. Then they move militarily against their opponents, using proxies where feasible. Syria has been targeted in a text-book manoeuvre carried out by western and Zionist (which in this case are the same) powers. Russia has proved to be a spanner in the works for those who would see Syria become a Zionist puppet state. The game continues.

Eva Bartlett’s account of her experiences is well worth the time it takes to listen.

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6 Responses

  1. Eva Bartlett has effectively sacrificed a career in journalism because of her integrity. It’s not about being pro Palestinian or pro Assad, it’s about telling the truth knowing that the mass media will use any tactic to claim your honest account of events is simply biased reporting. They actually accuse Eva Bartlett of the very methods they themselves use to present a slanted narrative.
    Recent attacks in the UK newspaper, The Guardian are a perfect example of how they will respond when they start to believe you are a becoming a threat to their previous unique position of controlling almost every element of public perception. If the independent reporters thought that President Assad was guilty of a small number of the allegations against him, I don’t think they would try to explain his position. They are clearly on the side of the civilian victims in both Palestine and Syria, it just so happens that the overwhelming majority will be safer with President Assad in power.
    Leaving that aside, it’s interesting to compare the behaviour of our own government’s simplistic condemnation of Mr Assad and his own attitude to reconciliation, even with people he clearly has no common ground with. Theresa May and before her David Cameron, have consistently described the conflict in Syria as a ‘popular resistance’ against a brutal dictator. The fact that they have had to use extremist terrorist factions as their primary source for allegations against the President reveals their desperation to destroy Mr Assad’s reputation and to condemn him of crimes without any reasonable evidence.
    Closer to home, the Skripal poisoning has exposed the UK government as the frauds they really are. Condemning Russia as guilty without any substance, it should be remembered that our elected representatives, certainly ministers and the like, come from the legal profession. They know that there are no grounds, even for a trial, never mind achieving a conviction.
    It also looks like bumbling Boris is making another bid to be Prime Minister but the ‘dizzy’ exterior hides a snake that will go to any lengths to get the coveted top job. I imagine the powers that be would be overjoyed to have the (highly likely) compromised Johnson at the helm, knowing they can keep him in line. After the Cameron ‘pigs head’ story, it’s obvious that there are no boundaries for the sick ‘elite’.

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      1. You are so right Rebel Voice… Britain has indeed become a microcosm of the entire planet…in so many ways honestly! It is particularly sad to note how it continues to run a policy under the umbrella of political asylum which essentially renders British territory a refuge for those who are fugitives in their own land and then the British Govt also permits these people to organize destabilizing acts in their own countries while they are free to move around on British territory. Peculiar as it is, they do in fact tend to criticize all others for exactly what they do themselves… in this case ‘providing safe havens’… and so much more…

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