Fistful Of Dynamite – Duck You Sucker (Classic Western)

  As Paddy’s Day is fast approaching, Rebel Voice has decided to remind you of what happens when Irish rebels go abroad to warmer climes. It’s not all about sunburn and magharitias, you know. In this classic western, James Coburn playes the part of an IRA volunteer caught up in the Mexican revolution, with predictably […]

Tribute To Ireland’s Hunger Strike Martyrs

As will be seen from the following presentation, the tactic of hunger strike has been employed by Irish Republicans since the beginning of the 20th century. Irish martyrs first died on hunger strike in their fight against the British Occupation of Ireland just after the Easter Rising of 1916. Thomas Ashe perished in this way […]

Give My Head Peace – Series 6 – Intimidation

As bad as the conflict in the Occupied Six Counties of Ireland was (and is), there was always a dark sense of humour to accompany the violence. Such an approach is a coping mechanism in face of trauma. It often means that local people will laugh at things while others might find such behaviour wholly […]

Introduction To United Irishmen Rebellion Of 1798

The Rising of 1798 was a heady rebellion in Ireland that created a framework for Irish Republicanism and the wars that followed. Founded by protestants in Belfast, the Republican United Irishmen sought to remove sectarianism from Irish society. They elicited help from Napoleon who sent ships and troops but they arrived on the west coast […]

Fenian Brotherhood – North American Solidarity And War With Canada

The Fenian Brotherhood was a revolutionary organisation founded in the USA in 1858 by John O’Mahony. His comrade, James Stephens, who was on the European mainland at that time, returned to Ireland to found the sister organisation of the Fenians, known as the Irish Republican Brotherhood. In the US, the Fenians decided to apply pressure […]

IRA T.V. Interview

In this clip, members of the PIRA speak with a French documentary crew about Republican tactics, and approach, to fighting the war against colonialism in the Occupied Six Counties (OSC) of Ireland. Given the political mess that currently exists in the OSC, tough questions are being as to whether or not the only thing that […]

Gerry Adams And The Loughgall Ambush

I wonder what the various shades of Republicanism will make of the latest ‘rumours’ surrounding Gerry Adams and the SAS ambush of IRA volunteers at Loughgall in 1987? – If you care, give it a share –

INLA Tribute Collection

This montage shows imagery concerning the militant Irish Socialist Republican organisation, the INLA. (some of the images are of poor quality) – If you care, give it a share –

Panorama Documentary On British Agent Stakeknife

This recent documentary looks at the role played by Freddie Scappaticci, the PIRA’s head of the nutting squad who was a long term British Agent responsible for the death of many people. This is just one more episode in the Dirty War fought by the colonial forces against militant Republicans in Ireland. The blood of […]

Overview Of War In The Occupied Six Counties Of Ireland

This documentary does not pull its punches. It covers many of the best known operations undertaken by militant Republicans. This is a good introduction for anyone wishing to learn about the Republican war against British colonialism in the north of Ireland and beyond. If you care, give it a share 

‘A Legend Of Tyrone’ And ‘To Ireland’

  Women have always played an important role in Irish rebellion. Whether they were active militants, such as Lady Markievicz, or were providing logistical support such as Mary Ann McCracken, or were writing literature, such as our focus today, Ellen O’Leary, the womanhood of Ireland have been to the fore in an ofttimes male-dominated world. […]