The Foggy Dew

This Irish rebel classic was written by Canon Charlies O’Neill (1887-1963) of Portglenone, County Antrim in the Occupied Six Counties (OSC). He was also parish priest of Kilcoo and later Newcastle in County Down, also in the OSC. Although many will know the air, it is the lyrics that Rebel Voice wishes to present here. […]

Ernie O’Malley – Ireland’s Rebel Son

Ernie O’Malley was an outstanding Irish revolutionary who fought for the Republican cause in both the Tan War and the following Civil War. Rebel Voice is of the opinion that his account of the War for Irish Freedom, titled On Another Man’s Wound, is probably the best account of that heroic conflict. Like all Republicans, […]

The Pogues – Streets Of Sorrow / Birmingham Six

This author remembers going to see The Pogues play in Belfast when this song first became public knowledge. It was banned by the British government in a blatant act of censorship. The British Surplass were determined to silence any mention of the injustice meted out to the various Irish people who were wrongly imprisoned in […]

Tom Barry Speaks About The Occupied Six Counties And Freedom

Tom Barry’s book, Guerilla Days In Ireland is a must read for anyone interested in Irish Republicanism and the war against the colonial forces of Britain. Barry was a stalwart of militancy and his assessment of the means of permanently ending the violence in the Occupied Six Counties is as accurate today as it was […]

Paul McCartney – Give Ireland Back To The Irish

This song by McCartney is explicit in its message and was banned at the time of its release as being unsuitable for public broadcasting. The video comes complete with Spanish subtitles. Look for McCartney’s ‘Che’ appearance.   Below is an image of McCartney that I found online. I have to ask, where is Ant?

Carson Dominates Stormont Nationalists

This photo shows the statue of Edward Carson, a leader and hero of Unionism. Although Carson was from Dublin and of Scottish stock, he was the first signatory of the ‘Ulster Covenant’ on Sunday 28th September, 1912, which pledged to resist Home Rule by ‘all means necessary’. Carson also created the Ulster Volunteers who are […]

Ireland And Palestine, A Lasting Friendship

This is a nice little message of solidarity for the people of Palestine. May the friendship between the good people of Ireland and the good people of Palestine last forever, and may both eventually be free. (for daily news stories on Palestine, check out PÁIS (Palestinian and Irish Solidarity)

The Rhythm Of Time – Bobby Sands

  This poem was written by the Irish Republican martyr, Bobby Sands, who died on hunger strike in the H-Blocks prison in 1981. The poem was, like all of Sands’ communications with the outside, written in tiny lettering on pieces of toilet paper or torn pages of a bible, and then smuggled past the vulturesque […]

The Accidental Wife

The Accidental Wife by Orla McAlinden Orla McAlinden is from Portadown in the Irish Occupied Six Counties (OSC), although she refers to it as Northern Ireland. This is apparently her first book. It shows. McAlinden received something called the Eludia Award, given out ‘for a first book-length unpublished novel or collection of stories by a […]

As the Six Counties’ dust settles

So the Irish Occupied Six Counties (OSC) elections are past. The conclusions are drawn and new strategies formulated, the parties working feverishly in putting their spin on the results. The DUP are the biggest losers. They are desperately attempting to hold it together in face of a damning reprimand from within Unionism now tired of […]