Ernie O’Malley – Ireland’s Rebel Son

Ernie O’Malley was an outstanding Irish revolutionary who fought for the Republican cause in both the Tan War and the following Civil War. Rebel Voice is of the opinion that his account of the War for Irish Freedom, titled On Another Man’s Wound, is probably the best account of that heroic conflict.

Like all Republicans, O’Malley was to be profoundly disappointed at the resultant treachery of his fellow countrymen when they sided with the British forces in the battle against the Republican desire for freedom.

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The following documentary gives us an insight into the life and motivations of one of the most creative rebels to have emerged in Ireland. The narration is in Gaelic, the beautiful native language of our nation, but the subtitles are sufficient to allow much enjoyment of this story of one of Ireland’s favourite rebel sons.

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