Ernie O’Malley – Ireland’s Rebel Son

Ernie O’Malley was an outstanding Irish revolutionary who fought for the Republican cause in both the Tan War and the following Civil War. Rebel Voice is of the opinion that his account of the War for Irish Freedom, titled On Another Man’s Wound, is probably the best account of that heroic conflict. Like all Republicans, […]

Poem On Tom Barry, by Bobby Sands

Tom Barry was an acclaimed commander of the 3rd, West Cork Flying Column of the IRA, responsible for the famed Kilmichael Ambush which killed 18 British Auxillaries during the Black and Tan War. He was a solid tactician who fought on the Republican side during the ill-fated Civil War. He later supported the existence of […]

Tom Barry Speaks About The Occupied Six Counties And Freedom

Tom Barry’s book, Guerilla Days In Ireland is a must read for anyone interested in Irish Republicanism and the war against the colonial forces of Britain. Barry was a stalwart of militancy and his assessment of the means of permanently ending the violence in the Occupied Six Counties is as accurate today as it was […]

The Wolfe Tones – Galtee Mountain Boy

This beautiful ballad has been covered by many troubadours. It tells the tale of IRA men who refused to bend the knee to the British Crown and fought on for Irish freedom. They were hunted by the British backed Free State forces and either imprisoned or executed. Kathleen nĂ­ Houlihan must surely shudder when her […]

Irish Church and State – Wedded In Catholic Corruption

At a time when the common consensus appears to (thankfully) be that society must move on from the sectarian divisions that have ruptured Ireland for centuries, it seems that there are still those who are determined to remain wedded to, if not mired in, the antiquated mind-sets that still aggressively promote a particular theology. Take […]