IRA T.V. Interview

In this clip, members of the PIRA speak with a French documentary crew about Republican tactics, and approach, to fighting the war against colonialism in the Occupied Six Counties (OSC) of Ireland.

Given the political mess that currently exists in the OSC, tough questions are being as to whether or not the only thing that Perfidious Albion understands is armed rebellion. Many now wonder if, in giving up the armed struggle and the weaponry that was used to fight it, the Provisional Republican movement have thrown away any leverage that they previously had in combating the British colonial forces.

It can be considered that, if Republicans are to play the British political game, then can they expect to win if their opponents change the rules to suit themselves and, on many occasions, simply decide to ignore all rules anyway?

Can the Tories ever be trusted? Can the British Establishment ever be trusted?

As first the English, and then the British, have broken every agreement that they made with the Irish over the course of 800 years, from the Treaty of Windsor in 1175 right through to the Belfast Agreement 1998, Irish people must now wonder if there is any real point in agreeing terms with an Establishment that has no pedigree in honesty, no credibility in showing mutual respect to others, and no integrity at all.

All Irish Republicans must now engage in some serious soul-searching in order to decide whether they wish to remain oppressed, deceived and scorned, or whether there is another, more unified way…?

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