Hebron School-children Run Israeli Gauntlet Of Terror

In Hebron, the Israeli forces of occupation have decided to wage war upon the school-children there. The youngsters are harassed, bullied, intimidated, gassed and beaten as they try to make their way to their schools to receive an education.

When the children retaliate with stones, the Israeli attacks intensify. Both soldiers and squatters are involved in this pogrom against Palestinian children. The governments of the West remain silent, even though they are aware of the Israeli brutality.

Perhaps it is time that the politicians of the West were made to fully realize that the good people of the western world will not accept that Israel has the right to make war on children.

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4 Responses

  1. We can only help others like us, ordinary forks, in the East and West to wake up, understand the gimmicks of the ruling elite around the globe, But convincing the ruling elite… making them see what is truth and what is falsehood… doesn’t look like the conniving elite will pay heed… unless of course it translates into financial or political gain/loss…

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      1. Very correct indeed. Eventually this fight will be on the streets from the looks of it. For even if they take control of all they can, they will never be able to suppress the truth. In fact the more they try to suppress it, the more they will fuel the desire to seek it among folks like us. In their characteristic arrogance they have perhaps greatly undermined the strength and the courage that drives seekers of truth.

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