Luke Kelly – The Molly Maguires (Miner’s Ballad Of Resistance)

The famed Molly Maguires were a 19th century secret society active in Ireland, Liverpool and parts of the Eastern USA. They were organised among the Irish emigres who worked in manual jobs and were perhaps best known as the rebellious coal miners of Pennsylvania. In 1877-88, violent resistance broke out in Pennsylvania between the Molly Maguires and the mine owners who were exploiting and abusing the workforce. This resulted in the death by hanging of twenty suspected members of the noble fraternity. Thus were the Molly Maguires assured of their places in the annals of rebellious folklore.

Here, one of the greatest folk singers of all time performs a song about the Molly Maguires. There is no better man than Luke Kelly to belt out a lament for those who fought the forces of oppression and capitalism (one and the same). The Molly Maguires is a favourite of Rebel Voice and a great example of the strong folk tradition of the United States, sadly undervalued in these fickle times.

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