Irish Folk – Ronnie Drew Sings The Parting Glass

This song of parting is a firm favourite of Rebel Voice. Ronnie’s gravelly rendition adds something special to what is a beautiful song and melody. The imagery is a tribute to the sadly deceased Ronnie Drew, a man sorely missed by those who love folk music. – If you enjoyed this, please share it –

Jewel – You Were Meant For Me [Pop]

Jewel was the bee’s knees in the nineties. Then she married a rodeo star and likely spent her days looking at cows, her nights chewing tobacco and spitting at people. Still, this is a good reminder of how talented a song-writer and performer she was and probably still is. If you enjoyed this, please share

Fred Wedlock – Tights In White Satin

A little risque humour for your entertainment. Wedlock is on form with this ballad laced with sexual innuendo and reference. Don’t let the oldies hear this one. If you enjoyed this, please share

Don McLean – Masters Of War [Folk]

As our world moves inexorably to global war at the behest of Trump, his corporations and Israel, the words of this protest song by Don McLean will never be more relevant. If you enjoyed this, please share