Child Brides Of The USA – A Nation Turning A Blind Eye

There can be nothing more abhorrent to a sane person than child abuse. It defies all logical explanation. It’s an unnatural activity that has been ongoing for millennia. Whether the abuse is physical, psychological, emotional or sexual, there can be no excuses made for those who are found guilty of it. Nor should those who stand idly by and allow it to happen escape consequence.

In the USA of today, only 2 states ban child marriage outright. This means that it is acceptable for a child to be ‘raped’ by an adult in the eyes of the laws in 48 others. There may be terms and conditions attached to this legal union, but ultimately young girls, and sometimes boys, are coerced, press-ganged and otherwise bullied into getting married. These adolescents realize too late what has happened and find themselves in a world of pain.

In a nation that prides itself upon being progressive and moral, after all God is mentioned in the constitution, it is staggering to think that the United States allows children to be abused. So why does it continue? Do the population not know of this aspect of their country’s laws, or do they not really care, caught up as they are in total consumerism spewed forth by the maelstrom of MSM bullshit?

The following article looks at the incidence of child marriage in one state, Idaho. We hear from those who were ensnared in this practice. It’s easy to condemn India and certain Islamic nations for this vile practice, and it’s justified to do so. But remember, it continues still in the USA.

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