Consumerism – What Is It Really?

Here’s another chance to look at consumerism and its cancerous effects upon modern societies.

Rebel Voice

For what is Consumerism?

What do we really need in life? Lots more shoes? A fancy car? Gadgets? The latest phone? More gadgets? Massive TVs? Brand name clothes? Big houses with too much space? Extra gadgets? Designers kettles? Sparkly trinkets? Alcohol? Porn? Alcohol and porn? Less woodland? Poisoned rivers? Death to the unborn? Poisoned Lakes? Poisoned seas? Poisoned minds? Yet more stress? Yet more desire? Yet more greed? What do we really need in life? Consumerism.

Take a look at the industry that advertises lust and depicts the must-have and must-see and though it’s not free it may as well be for we buy an escape. Observe the greasy corporate comptrollers of capitalism  and how they plunder our children, our world and our lives. They are selling us a legacy of shit. Yet we buy into it. Who’s the fool and who’s the king? Who sells blood for diamond rings…

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