Joe Rogan Meets Alex Jones – Online Persona Non Grata

Here’s another chance to take closer look at Alex Jones, bane of the MSM (and mentally stable people) and fashionable bad guy at the minute. In this he chats with the ever likable Joe Rogan.

Rebel Voice

Alex Jones is a very contentious figure in the US alternative media. He ran a highly popular features show called Info Wars in which he tackled issues across the US in his own imitable style. He became infamous for his refusal to believe that the mass killings in Sandyhook, 2012, in which Adam Lanza murdered 20 children ranging from 6 to 7 years old, as well as 6 members of staff, really happened. Jones later retracted his statements that expressed disbelief.

In this extended interview, Joe Rogan questions Jones about the Sandyhook episode, as well as the resultant fall out which saw him banned from YouTube, Facebook, Apple and Spotify. There is no doubt that Jonesis a conspiracy theorist. It’s this which made his show so popular. There are millions of US citizen who understandably refuse to believe what their government tells them. Jones tapped into that demographic and…

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