Palestine Before The Ethnic Cleansing Of The Nakba – Old Film Reels

The ethnic cleansing of the Nakba in Palestine has been well documented if not widely reported. The viciousness with which sociopathic Zionist forces wiped out entire Arab villages would shock even the most hardened observers of the human condition. Sadly, the full story is rarely told within the western, Zionist-controlled media.

Attempts to remove the story of Palestine from world history have been continuing unabated for decades now. Israel seeks to eliminate all mention and trace of Palestine as a land with its own people prior to the invasion of Zionism. Thankfully, the internet has allowed the truth about Palestine to be told and shared. We can only wonder at how long it will be before Zionism manages to silence that avenue. They are trying already.

In the meantime, the stories are there, the people are there, and the memories live on. The following brief article gives us some insight into the lives of the Palestinian people when they had only regular things to worry about. The storm that was rabid and destructive Zionism was still to come. Meet the Palestinians; people with a land in a land with its people.

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