The Great O’Neill – Biography Of Irish Gaelic Chieftain

The Great O’Neill by Seán Ó Faolain Aedh Ruadh Ó Néill, or as he was better known in English, Red Hugh O Neill, was the last of the mighty chieftains who ruled Gaelic Ireland from the earliest times. These powerful aristocrats devised a precarious system of rule on the Emerald Isle that lasted for well […]

Cúchulainn – Hero Of Ancient Ireland

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Cúchulainn is known as the Hound of Ulster. He is regarded as the greatest of the ancient heroes of Ireland. He broke women’s hearts and he broke his enemies heads. He roamed the land and, in a Perseus kinda way, got into many adventures and scrapes. He travelled to Scotland…

The First Dungannon Convention — seamus dubhghaill

The first Dungannon Convention of the Ulster Volunteers on February 15, 1782 calls for an independent Irish parliament. This is the parliament that Henry Grattan also campaigns for and later becomes known as “Grattan’s parliament.” The Irish Volunteers are a part-time military force whose original purpose is to guard against invasion and to preserve law […] […]

The Valley Of The Black Pig – Poem By W.B. Yeats

Here is a short piece of verse from the renowned Irish poet and Nobel Prize winner. The Valleys Of The Black Pig The dews drop slowly and dreams gather: unknown spears Suddenly hurtle before my dream-awakened eyes, And then the clash of fallen horsemen and the cries Of unknown perishing armies beat about my ears. […]

Deidre Of The Sorrows – Irish Myth

In this narration, the lovable rogue, Ronnie Drew, takes us through the beautiful and haunting story of Deidre of the Sorrows. This is another one the most popular tales to be found in ancient Irish mythology. – If you enjoyed this, please share –

Maeve And The Bull Of Cooley – Irish Legend

Here we have the roguish Dubliner, Ronnie Drew, narrating the wonderful myth of the Brown Bull of Cooley. This story features the greatest of all Irish warriors of legend, Cúchulainn. The many sites where this story is set can still be viewed today in Ulster, approximately 2000 years after the events took place. – If […]