Plan for Ulster – An End To Conflict In Ireland?

With the inevitable and continuing failures of the Stormont Executive, and the resultant debate surrounding political arrangements for the Occupied Six Counties, Rebel Voice wishes to publicly weigh in with a┬ásuggestion regarding the future of this beautiful part of Ireland. Whilst many of the ideas that have already been presented as a solution have smacked […]

Israel in Scotland? – A Comment On Zionist Hypocrisy

The Israeli state was created in 1948 by foreign nationals whose ancestors (in some cases) are believed to have resided in the land of Palestine. These descendants returned to the region with the intention of taking the territory from the indigenous people and expelling them in the process. In most instances the Zionist migrant families […]

┬áStormont is a busted flush

Stormont is a busted flush. Elections will not change that. A new Assembly will hobble and limp until further collapse. The anachronistic DUP are not ready for equality with Nationalism, nor do they appear to be overly concerned with the welfare of the Unionist working class, who appear to be overly concerned with their ‘flegs […]