Stormont is a busted flush

Stormont is a busted flush. Elections will not change that. A new Assembly will hobble and limp until further collapse. The anachronistic DUP are not ready for equality with Nationalism, nor do they appear to be overly concerned with the welfare of the Unionist working class, who appear to be overly concerned with their ‘flegs with kegs’.

One way forward, in the immediate future, is via more expansive council structures in conjunction with cohesive community activism. Greater powers should be sought for the councils, to the point whereby they can fully function more independently. Any further responsibilities not allocated to councils should be held by the British colonial minister.

As Stormont is little more than a buffer between the understandably angry people here, in the Occupied Six Counties, and those ultimately responsible for our troubles, those to blame should have nowhere to hide. We, the people, should have direct access to the authorities who control the outdated colonial apparatus, so that we might better voice our outrage and seek redress including, but not confined to, improving Arlene Foster’s dress sense and hairdo.

Councils, however, are in general more accountable to the local population. Such structures tend to be better run (unless the employees happen to be sleeping in a parked van in a remote area). They are the least – in terms of participating in any jurisdictional authority – that ardent Republicans can comfortably engage in to avoid social chaos. Should partition disappear tomorrow, the council apparatus would remain. Therefore, Republicans should have no opposition to engaging in the process of local council (and they might also happen to be the worker who lies asleep in a van in a remote area).

Greater co-operation between councils could assist in producing more effective local governance. Money would be saved with the ending of the Stormont money-pit. I mean seriously, have you heard about how much is spent on food and drink for that lot, and there’s barely one of them who looks malnourished.

Furthermore, Nationalists currently control the larger geographical area via the councils they run. Equality legislation can be used to counter any discriminatory tendencies within Unionist dominated councils, thereby offering protection to Nationalist residents.

Nationalism/Republicanism must move to seize the initiative. A strong and unrelenting focus upon the councils would be one solid means of achieving this. Let us therefore consign Stormont to the past as the costly and ill-conceived mistake that it is.

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