Rebel Voice

Hello Folks,

Welcome to my Rebel Voice blog.

My reasons for starting down this path are many, but I suppose that essentially I have increasingly found that the mainstream media are ofttimes reluctant to allow the regular person a platform to voice their opinions. This is most apparent when said opinions run contrary to whatever nefarious agenda exists within the mainstream media at any given time.

Allow me to be up front with you. I am Irish. I am Socialist. I am Republican. I am pro-Palestinian.

This is the basis upon which my views will be presented.

I hope to share with you a wide variety of content from Ireland and beyond, in the hope that my voice might be added to the growing consensus that is opposed to the sinister media control that has effectively stymied any dissent from the callous workings of the Capitalist machine. This rancid and destructive plutocratic propaganda has and is continuing to condition the minds of the global populace, so that they might meekly accept their designated places at the bejeweled and fetid feet of the immoral Surplass. This class of filthy rich person, who is surplus to requirement, is responsible for the vast majority of our social and environmental problems. I will position my voice against them.

For the humanitarians, for those with a conscience, for those who care, this will be our story.

Rebel Voice

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