Plan for Ulster

As the politicos struggle to find a way forward, Rebel Voice is putting forth a plan for discussion, The Plan for Ulster.

Rebel Voice

With the inevitable and continuing failures of the Stormont Executive, and the resultant debate surrounding political arrangements for the Occupied Six Counties, Rebel Voice wishes to publicly weigh in with a suggestion regarding the future of this beautiful part of Ireland.

Whilst many of the ideas that have already been presented as a solution have smacked of petulant naivety, the idea of placing the six counties at a remove from other jurisdictions has some merit. However, the one certainty for a permanent and just resolution to the divisions in Ireland is that any settlement must be structured within the context of an independent, all-island Republic.

Therefore the suggestion for consideration is based upon the idea of a semi-autonomous Ulster set within an Irish Republic.

Ulster, in this instance, is defined as the nine accepted counties plus County Louth which was traditionally, and for the longest period of time, part of…

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