The Battering Ram – General Munro

This rebel ballad is about the Irish revolutionaries of 1798, who set aside religious differences to stand side by side against the colonialism of England, in Ireland.

The song makes references to the Battle of Ballynahinch in which the United Irishmen engaged with the British forces. The rebel army in the area was composed mostly of Presbyterians. Today, Ballynahinch has a population of which 65% are from a protestant background. It is now strongly Unionist, in contrast to how the rebellious protestants of the town used to feel about their national identity in 1798.

It’s easy to see how the protestant people have, over the decades, been manipulated by the state authorities with sectarian divisions again fostered by governments who have always sought to divide and conquer the Irish people.

Rebel Voice wonders what it will take to once again make the protestant people of Ulster, en masse, realize that their future lies in an Irish Republic of equals?


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