Survivor’s Creed – Poem By Resident Poet, A.D.

Our resident poet, A.D., often tackles metaphysical issues. In this poem, the matter of lost children, both born and unborn, is dealt with. What is after death? Do those who have passed on now reside elsewhere? What of parallel universes? Of monkey’s with typewriters? So many questions, so little time. [The use of ellipsis at […]

The Quandary of Sceptical Solipsism

The Quandary of Sceptical Solipsism … as the tiny child’s hand still clutched the busted bear, stuffing falling from both, I pondered in despair the desperate dichotomy of both; now inanimate. If it be a dream it’s a bad one that I have made, born of wanton masochism and gruelling imagery that drains the hopeful heart. […]