Chinese 30-Storey Hotel Built In 15 Days – Video

As we hear of how the Chinese authorities built hospitals, to accommodate Corona Virus victims, in a matter of days, here is a reminder of just how fast and efficient the Chinese really are.

Rebel Voice

Although both the Germans and Japanese are renowned for their efficient methods, they would be hard-pressed to match the Chinese in the following video. We can see the construction of a 30 storey hotel in just 15 days. The work is 24 hours a day but nonetheless, it is an amazing feat of ingenuity and time management.

In Ireland, the governments have difficulty building one and two storey houses to accommodate the homeless. It takes almost one year to get them to the turnkey stage. Perhaps Irish politicians would need to make a trip to the Far East for some tips on how it should be done. However, Rebel Voice is dubious as to how high a standard such quickly-erected buildings can attain. Would you like to spend the weekend on the 30th floor of this hotel? In an earthquake zone?

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