Child Suicide – Symptom Of A Sick World

There can be few things as heart-breaking as a child who wishes to take their own life. In nature, the one fundamental that pervades our species is the desire to live. In the young, that need is especially strong. Children are biologically programmed to want to survive. They adapt to the most horrendous circumstances in order to continue to live. When their will to live is broken, destroyed, then that is as a result of the most unspeakable and unforgivable acts of cruelty.

Failures by government and society at large are responsible for the incidence of child suicides. War is but one reason why this horror occurs. Social deprivation is another. Regardless of the causes, the consequences for the young are such that it shames us all. Broken children will usually grow to be broken adults with all the problems that that brings. To protect the children, all the children regardless of social strata of their family, race, religion or gender is a no-brainer. It’s surely the best investment that any government can make. So why do so few bureaucrats see it that way and why is there still so much suffering of children?

The following short may not answer all of your questions, but it might at least get you thinking about the continuing viability of a species that can’t embrace the true meaning of life, which is our children and their welfare.

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