Child Suicide – Symptom Of A Sick World

There can be few things as heart-breaking as a child who wishes to take their own life. In nature, the one fundamental that pervades our species is the desire to live. In the young, that need is especially strong. Children are biologically programmed to want to survive. They adapt to the most horrendous circumstances in […]

Cari Mora – Thomas Harris Thriller

Cari Mora by Thomas Harris (2019) Cari Mora is a former FARC guerrilla who has fled to the USA to find a better life. She’s a young woman, very determined, with dreams. Cari has a number of jobs, one of which is as caretaker of a mansion on the Miami beach waterfront. The massive house […]

Children Of Our World In Trauma

This short but haunting piece of video highlights the ways in which the children of the Earth are being failed by humanity. There are no words sufficient to describe the horrors that children face in an increasingly callous and selfish global society. Rebel Voice strongly recommends that everyone watch this clip, and then spare a […]