Syria’s Scrap Heap Children – Scandal Of War’s Orphaned Young

There is an adage that states that, “The first casualty when war comes is truth.” If it’s a cliche then that is because it has merit. Lies often start wars and lies are used to justify them. But Rebel Voice believes that the greatest casualty of war is children.

Adults can, for the most part, fend for themselves. They can make informed decisions and take action. Children cannot. Children rely on adults to protect and guide. Too often war tears that concept to shreds. Bombs kill children and those who protect children. The ones who survive must regress to a more basic mindset and that is a terrible crime in itself.

The war in Syria is a powerful example of the inhumanity that runs this planet. Rebel Voice has not been fooled by western imperialist and Zionist propaganda. Stories have emerged that show that the terrorists groups backed by the West have been guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Syria.

But nor is the Syrian military, as directed by Assad and backed by Russia, blameless. They too have been responsible for carnage. Somewhere in between lies the truth smothered in the rubble brought by lies. But regardless of whether Assad or his opponents are responsible, children have died and others are suffering. Alan Kurdi died because of that shameful war. Thousands more children have also had their futures snuffed out. And all for what? So that Israel can clear the Middle East of all credible opposition? So that the imperialist rulers of the USA can steal the resources of the region? So that idiots can feel strong and powerful at the expense of the lives of children.

As has been stated, adults can act to protect themselves. Children should not have to. Every child that has died in Syria is a damning indictment of the type of creatures Homo Sapiens are. Every child that scrabbles for food in bins and rubbish dumps is a statement upon the imbalance, injustice and corruption of our global societies. Every young tear shed due to loneliness, fear, grief or terror shames us all.

Some of us know this, but the majority have not yet found that truth. Apathy might well kill us all.

Meet some of the child victims of an unnecessary conflict that was launched to appease the bloated egos of some, and padded bank accounts of others.

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