US Feds “Detain” 16 Migrant Babies

This is one of the most shocking stories to have emerged from the United States in recent times. Children of migrants/refugees to the USA were taken/abducted from their parents and placed in custody by the US Federal authorities. Many of these young ones were little more than babies. The children were placed in wire cages. […]

Lord Of The Flies – Classic Story By William Golding

Lord of the Flies by William Golding It’s likely that most readers will beware of this classic tale of how our species is programmed for conflict, and society merely masks it. But how many have actually read it? If you would like know a little more about Lord of the Flies, then stay with us […]

Children Of Our World In Trauma

This short but haunting piece of video highlights the ways in which the children of the Earth are being failed by humanity. There are no words sufficient to describe the horrors that children face in an increasingly callous and selfish global society. Rebel Voice strongly recommends that everyone watch this clip, and then spare a […]

The Road

Book review¬† The Road ¬† by Cormac McCarthy Readers may be familiar with this particular story-line, having watched the movie adaptation starring Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smit-McPhee. I will confess to not being among that number who have viewed the silver-screen’s take on the tale. I’m not sure that I ever want to either, since […]

Yemeni Children Brutalized By Saudi Bombs

The two children shown in the photo are Abdu and Marwan. Their father was Mohammed Nasser Thuknah. These two boys were targeted, along with their entire family, in Bakil Almir, Hajjah, in an area of Yemen bordering Saudi Arabia. 12 members of their family were massacred in a cluster bomb strike. Their father, mother, siblings […]

Childcentric Focus For The Future – A Discussion Point

It can be said that there is nothing so abhorrent as the killing or harming of children. Across the world today, there are numerous groups, state-led and otherwise, who care nothing for the lives of the young. Whether it is Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Myanmar, Palestine or any of the other multitude of conflict zones, children […]