US Feds “Detain” 16 Migrant Babies

This is one of the most shocking stories to have emerged from the United States in recent times. Children of migrants/refugees to the USA were taken/abducted from their parents and placed in custody by the US Federal authorities. Many of these young ones were little more than babies. The children were placed in wire cages. They were often transported thousands of miles from their parents during the process. Corporations, no doubt with political connections, made large profits in providing the ‘accommodation’ for these abducted children. Although this scandal has become public during the reign of the Trump regime, it was also in existence during the Obama misrule. Democrats are shamelessly using the tragedy to attack the Republicans, but one party is as bad as the other and still the children suffer. It’s unknown just how traumatized these children have become because of the actions of the Federal system.

In a decent and fair society such events would never take place. In a decent and fair society, those responsible for inflicting such abuse on children would be imprisoned for a very longtime in extremely harsh conditions. Yet, in the USA, there will be no such punishment for the abusers of children. In the USA, only the young victims will suffer, as their tormentors continue to ply their sordid wares upon the public at large.

The US Federal system is not decent and fair. Rebel Voice asks when the good people of the United States will eventually stand up and be counted? When will they refuse to be treated as chattel by their government and the corporations that control it? When will they burst those stank bubbles and move to protect all of the children and, accordingly, shape a USA that everyone can be proud of? When?

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