Glorious Irish Scenery With Musical Assist

As one storm after another batters Ireland, here’s a chance to see the island when it’s not being washed furiously into the Atlantic.

Rebel Voice

Ireland. It’s a small island on the western fringe of Europe. It has mountains, myths and madness. It contains some of the most beautiful and gentle people you will ever meet, and (sadly) some of the worst. But regardless of the citizens, who for the most part will give you a ceád míle fáilte (hundred thousand welcomes), it is the landscape that will charm.

Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle for a very good reason. It is green. It is so green that it’s also known as the land of Forty Shades of Green. And it is. First time visitors to this nation are regularly astounded by how fertile it all is. Even the people are fertile with Ireland having the highest birth-rate in Europe. Is it the whiskey? The tea? The bacon and cabbage? It’s probably not the bacon and cabbage as few people really eat that…

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