Orcas Held Captive – 5 Reasons Why Its Unethical – Your View?

Here’s another chance to join in the debate upon the treatment of cetaceans, in this instance Orcas, by keeping them in captivity.

Rebel Voice

Let the site of Rebel Voice state a strongly held opinion, clearly and without ambiguity. There should be no use, abuse, or killing of cetaceans, ever. Whales, porpoises and dolphins are highly intelligent creatures. We do not know exactly how clever they are. We judge them, as we do with other animals, by human standards. Yet that is insufficient when determining an animal’s intelligence.

People kill whales. They eat them. It’s worse than eating a dog. There can be no excuse for it unless it’s a survival necessity and, in today’s world, it’s not.

People trap dolphins and whales and breed them in captivity. It’s unethical and cruel. These beautiful creatures are treated as gimmicks, entertainment for gullible rubberneckers who trot obediently to watch the degrading treatment of an intelligent animal. Cetaceans are used for making money and that’s not OK.

Orcas are the apex predators of the sea, excluding…

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