Gelada Monkeys Of Ethiopia Fight For Females

Males everywhere like to fight, especially when there’s a female to impress. OK, so we humans are supposed to have evolved beyond that, but check out any nightclub and pub around Ireland at the weekend and you will see that we are still fairly savage.

Do the women in our lives like us to fight. Hmm… they say they don’t. They say it’s immature and crude. But perhaps a woman likes her man to fight for her attentions (more fool the man who will go down that path). In any event, what Rebel Voice is saying, in a roundabout kind of way, is that we males are still apes, or slightly less hairy monkeys, take your pick. We might even be more accurately compared to the love children of baboons and bonobos.

The next video takes a look at our monkey cousins and their efforts to secure the favour of females. They primp and they preen and they kick ass. Boys will be boys after all. Although often referred to as Ethiopian baboons, Geladas are not baboons at all but are a unique species of monkey. They are sometimes called Bleeding Heart Monkeys on account of their richly coloured coat. They’re violent, but they’re fascinating, just like the young bucks who stagger around the pub of a Saturday night seeking solace in the arms of Brigid Mary Reilly with the heaving bosom.

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  1. dalegreenearts

    I remember watching a documentary on gibbons. The female gibbons would give birth and all the other females would pass the baby around to get to know it. It reminded me, for all the world, of every baby born to humans. We sit in a circle in a living room and pass the infant around for everyone to see. It’s exactly the same. We’re much more similar to our ape relatives than we’d like to think.

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