Grizzly Bear Catching Salmon – Nature’s Great Event

Here’s a reminder of why the natural world is the greatest entertainment of all. Trump et al. would see it gone from us.

Rebel Voice

The spectacle of Grizzly bears fishing for salmon in Alaska is one of nature’s great events. Great shaggy beasts gather to watch the plump fish as they fight their way upstream to spawn. The bears try to ignore those shaggy beasts as they focus on catching the salmon, but the camera-clicking can be a real nuisance.

It’s a fascinating sight, to see how so many bears tolerate one another as they sate their sizable hunger. The large omnivores are also remarkably tolerant of those human sightseers fortunate enough to witness the event. Individual characteristics can be observed in the bears. Some are more dominant or aggressive; some are more highly skilled, some are more impatient. They’re like people in that respect.

Regardless of the personalities of the bears, the salmon get eaten. Yet there are so many that the few the bears manage to take is but a drop in…

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