Top 5 Best Animal Chases – Wildlife Spectaculars

Anyone who has ever played tag or hide-and-go-seek as a child, will remember the thrill of being chased. It’s an inherent human quality no doubt due to our ancient ancestors who ran the risk of becoming food for cave bears and sabre-tooth tigers.

Movies focus heavily upon the concept. From The Running Man to Hard Target to The Hunger Games and Twilight, the idea of being hunted is sure to get the blood pumping. Perhaps that’s why we are fascinated by the same pursuits within the wider animal kingdom.

The following video looks at 5 of the best animal chases/hunts. It might seem brutal to our increasingly sensitive western eyes, but it’s life out there. The hawk and the leopard have to eat too. Watching this might provide some insight into why we are regaled with stories of the Big Bad Wolf who hunts the child. Really, all the wolf wants is some buffalo.

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