Shaolin Monks – Warriors Of The Ages

Ever since Kung Fu graced Irish TV screens in the 70’s, young Irish boys and men have dreamed of becoming a Shaolin Monk. For many, this notion went no further than donning pair of satin black Kung Fu pyjamas and viciously swinging some homemade Nunchuks as precious crockery found its broken way to the kitchen floor. Of course, the culprits would have needed the evasive skills of a Shaolin Monk to avoid the rage of an Irish Mammy, and even the monks themselves might have fallen before the wrath of a disgruntled housewife. Never mind.

In the following presentation, we get a closer look at this most mystical of holy orders. There is no doubt that the Shaolins are a tough lot. Their training is as intense as it gets. This author remembers going to see them perform in Belfast. Their fitness and skills were incredible. Even the children could have taken on a British Army regiment and emerged unscathed. If the aforementioned Irish Mammy had seen the young boys, however, they would have been adopted and taken from the strict regimens of holy life (as they probably should be; every child deserves their childhood).

Rebel Voice has staff who are all martial artists. We each have a black belt in Feng Shui. If you f**k with us, we will come round your house and mess up your furniture. Enjoy the Shaolin Monks, Grasshopper, and remember that all good things come to those who pay for them using someones else’s credit card. Confucius knew what he was talking about.

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