Predator Alien Heard In Irish Woods?

The following brief video contains audio of a strange noise that was emanating from a forest on the slopes of the Mourne Mountains In Ireland. The walker (not a zombie) who recorded it is familiar with the sounds that trees can make when rubbing together, which can somewhat resemble the noise made by the Predator from the popular movie franchise.

However, the following noise is not the same as those tree sounds heard before. It’s something different. Listen closely and you will hear the weird vibratory ‘call’ at the beginning and then again closer to the end of the recording. As for what it is? An answer, and not necessarily the correct answer, will be provided below the video link (note: there are no Irish rattlesnakes, other than those to be found in politics). Do you have any ideas as to what it is? (there’s a wee, misleading, clue in the title of the vid)

Rebel Voice initially believed this to be the noise made by a Great Spotted Woodpecker, aka, Dendrocopos (Picoides) major, but has since reappraised that opinion. There is known to be a small breeding population of that bird in the general vicinity. It taps furiously on the tree and is known to adopt a few different rhythms. However, the sounds on the video are more consistent with two trees rubbing together, the pitch being slightly different from the usual deeper sound. Either that or there really is a man-hunting alien at large in the area, in which case everyone should get rid of their weapons immediately or contact Danny Glover.

Here is the man who created the Predator clicking sound. Hope he’s not lurking in an Irish woods. He’s scarier than the Predator.

The following video is yet another sample of the strange sound from the same place in the woods. If you watch closely, you will see and hear a creature above the person holding the phone. It’s vague but it’s there. Any ideas as to what it is? A baby predator perhaps? Bet those little f**kers are a curse to get rid of, way worse than Gremlins. Aren’t Irish forests great?

(The creature dancing through the branches is a squirrel, Red or Grey, not sure as it’s too dark, but given the size, most likely Red)

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