Israel And The Slow Death Of Gaza – Middle East Monitor

Israel is actively pushing Palestinians to leave the Gaza Strip, asking a number of European and Middle Eastern countries to absorb them and offering to arrange their flights if they agree to emigrate. The policy was disclosed by a senior official accompanying Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on a diplomatic visit to Ukraine this week.…

via Israel actively pushing Palestinians to leave Gaza  —

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  1. miguelito3557

    Israel is evil, an ethnic cleansing war criminal who wants to drive Palestinians from their ancient homelands. Morally and politically disgusting. Fascist Netanyahyu should face charges before the ICC for war crimes.

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  2. miguelito3557

    Israel does not recognize the jurisdiction of the ICC. Not surprising. It also defies UN resolutions against its land-grabbing and wants it disbanded. Zionists are lawless, prevaricating monsters that’s been enabled by the US since its founding.

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