Lions Attacking Elephant – Incredible Video Footage Of Tables Turned

Lions attacking an elephant? Are you joking me? Lions don’t attack elephants, they’re too small. They’ll get crushed, stamped on, sat on, squished. But lions are not called the King of the Jungle for no reason. If provoked or hungry, they’ll attack anything, even Donald Trump, whose orange appearance would scare the living daylights out of most predators, except Jeffrey Epstein of course who was a friend of Donnie.

In the following footage, we see a pride of lions attacking an elephant who is forced to run for his life. I once saw a story in a Tarzan annual where this type of thing happened and I believed it to be entirely fictional. It was too far-fetched for the boy that I was to accept. But sometimes the truth is stranger than the fiction, and lions do, occasionally, have a go at elephants. There’s a lot of eating in an elephant but they would be nice with some soy sauce and a few strings bean, perhaps washed down with some Schloer which we are going to be tripping over soon.

Rebel Voice will now have to see if footage exists showing lions attacking hippos or rhinos or Tories. Keep tuned.

Here we go:

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