Juggalos – The Gathering – US Lifestyle Cult

Juggalos are a sub-culture in the US based around the music of hip hop musical groups signed to Psychopathic Records. This label was set up by the Insane Clown Posse who also serve as Fathers of the Juggalo movement. The name, Juggalo, comes from a 1994 performance by the Insane Clown Posse when singer, Violent J, referred to the fans as Juggalos during a rendition of their song The Juggla. The name was positively received and became synonymous with fans of the band and those who are signed to Psychopathic Records.

A female Juggalo is known as a Juggalette. The movement regularly meets in what is known colloquially as The Gathering, when a festival is held to celebrate all things Juggalo. It averages about 10,000 attendees each year and peaked at 20,000 in 2010.

There are certain elements to being identified as a Juggalo. These include:

  • Wearing face-paint, usually representing an evil clown or corpse.
  • Having a ‘spider legs’ hairstyle, like members of Twiztid.
  • Embracing whoop whoop calls.
  • Wearing Hatchet clothing.
  • Listening to underground rap music.
  • Putting Hatchet Man logo on personal effects including jewellery.
  • Drinking the soft drink, Faygo.
  • Displaying a (hopefully) facetious attitude towards murder, particularly if carried out with a bladed weapon.
  • Getting an erection when looking at pictures of Micheal Myers (just made that one up but it seems appropriate).

If you are now thinking that Juggalos are seriously f**ked up and have severe emotional problems, then Rebel Voice will not argue with you. However, it is a sub-culture that is open to all regardless of wealth or background, and members see themselves as a family. So did Charles Manson and his followers.

The following footage takes us to The Gathering. It’s a festival of freaks, but perhaps not in a bad way. One thing that is noticeable is that Juggalos seem to be mostly white although there would appear to be little racism evident. Perhaps the reason for so many white people is due to the fact that the Juggalos are mostly based in the Mid-West where, in places, black people are scarcer than hen’s teeth.

The Gathering kinda looks a bit like a poor man’s (or woman’s) version of  the Burning Man festival. It has the same bohemian vibe albeit with less class and on a much smaller scale. Rebel Voice believes that such festivals and sub-cultures are a demonstration of the dissatisfaction that the young – and perhaps not-so-young – feel with society in the United States today. Imagine if that creative and sometimes angry energy was directed at those who oppress us all as part and parcel of their Capitalist revenue streams. Just imagine…

Here’s another wacky festival in the crazy ole US of A:


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