Leopard Vs Porcupine – Prickly Lesson in Food Acquisition

Leopards are supreme hunters. If it’s smaller than them then it’s usually on the menu. Porcupines are smaller than leopards. They should be food for grumbling big cat bellies. Porcupines, however, have other ideas. Have a look at what happens when a pair of hunting leopards try to eat a pair of porcupines. There might be a life lesson in this somewhere. Rebel Voice is still looking.

Factoid: Porcupine comes from the Latin, Porcus meaning pig, and Spina meaning quill. In parts of the USA, the porcupine (which is smaller than its Old World equivalent) is known as the quill pig.

Leopard comes from the Old English, leuparz, (used in an 8th century poem called The Song of Roland) which itself is derived from the Greek for both Leon – Lion, and Pardos– spotted.

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