Siberian Tigers – On The Trail Of An Apex Predator

Siberian Tigers are about as impressive as it gets in the animal kingdom. These magnificent beasts can weigh as much as 306 kg for an adult male, although their average size has reduced over the last century, perhaps due to environmental factors. Their numbers are small. There are thought to be less than 600 individuals remaining spread out over the Russian Far East (where the majority are), China and possibly North Korea.

The Siberian Tiger hunts anything it can catch. It will bring down various types of deer, moose, boar and even smaller bears, both black and brown. Some tigers have been recorded as imitating the call of the Asian Black Bear to attract them for ambush. Interestingly, some Ussurian Brown Bears hunt tigers, and fights between the two are not uncommon. The bears and tigers both prefer to attack the smaller females and cubs of each species although larger males do sometimes engage in battle. The tigers have also been known to catch salmon, rabbits and hare when necessary. They have a range of up to 1000km, so tend to cover quite a lot of ground.

The following video gives us a closer look at this apex predator. For those really into their tigers, Rebel Voice recommends the 1974 movie, When The North Wind Blows which is about the relationship between a mountain man and a Siberian Tiger. The cinematography is spectacular. Hope you enjoy.

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