10 Famous & Funny Commercials – Did They Help In The Taking Of Your Money?

Here’s another chance to see some of the funniest commercials ever made. Ad companies are sneaky so and so’s. They know just how to make you part with your money, as you laugh.

Rebel Voice

Commercials are the means by which profiteering corporations take our money from us and make us feel good about it. They get richer and we get poorer but at least we have stuff that we don’t need. To better convince us to part with our hard-earned cash, they employ many nefarious tactics that allow them to creep into our distracted minds to massage our quivering egos. They’re also often very funny.

TV ads are broadcast into your homes where the companies known that you are most relaxed and therefore most susceptible to their message. They wheedle and cajole and have found that the best method of getting you onside with their brand is to make you laugh. You might find that the most memorable commercials are those that are funniest.

The following video reminds us of 10 of these. The psychological investigation used in deciding upon a particular approach to…

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