Wolf Pack Hunts Bison Herd

Don’t mess with wolves. None of this vampires would take them nonsense, Rebel Voice is talking about reality, not full moon fables; big hairy hures with very sharp teeth and very sharp brains. Alone, or in a pack, don’t mess with the wolves.

The greatest strength of the wolf pack is their ability to work solidly as a team. They each know what to do at any given moment. Like humans, there are some wolves who are braver, more daring than others. These members of the wolf vanguard advance up the hairy pecking order more quickly. They are leaders. Alphas. Others are content with drone work and three square when they can get them. Perhaps they’re not so different from us as we would, in our Homo Sapiens arrogance, like to think.

The following footage shows us just what a wolf pack can do. Bison are no dozers. They are not meek little lambs to the slaughter. The adults are tremendously powerful and dangerous beasts. It doesn’t matter. The wolves are king. Remember, if you’re going out for a meal, or watching a game, or buying new clothes, don’t get yourself in trouble, don’t be a victim; don’t mess with the wolves. Enjoy this feast of nature.

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