Eden Project – Hope For Humanity?

Here’s another chance to take a look at The Eden Project. It may be that, in generations to come, your descendants might be living on Mars in something like this. Perhaps you could choose the interior decoration now?

Rebel Voice

This brief overview provides an introduction to the famous Eden Project in England. This is an attempt to create a viable self-contained eco-system within man-made structures. If proven successful, the entire endeavour might be an answer to our problems of an over-populated world. Imagine an Eden bio-sphere located on Mars. Imagine thousands of Eden bio-spheres on the Red Planet creating a viable and sustainable population.

Do you believe that our species is capable of achieving this? Do you hope that we will? Perhaps a good start would be to fight harder to negate all the Trumps on this world. Rebel Voice sincerely hopes that we manage to get people on Mars sometime soon as, currently, all our human eggs are in one precarious basket.

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