James Blunt Parody – Aussie Comedian Takes P**s Off Hit Song

Rebel Voice expects that most readers will be familiar with the James Blunt hit, You’re Beautiful. In the song, the narrator is quietly serenading a woman that he notices on public transport. He has recognised her great beauty but unfortunately she is with another man and the singer laments his misfortune not to know her better.

As with many lyrics, when they are parsed they begin to take on a different hue. So many song lyrics just don’t make sense, but so long as there’s a catchy melody then the listener might not mind. But then along comes an Australian comedian by the name of Tom Gleeson. This observant stand-up is known for his acerbic humour and quick wit. He uses his gifts to great effect when performing an alternative version of Blunt’s hit. Gleeson adopts the role of the boyfriend of the girl that Blunt is serenading. It makes for a very funny take on a worn song. Hope you enjoy.

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