Daredevils Set New World Record For Tightrope Walking

Rebel Voice is always impressed by those who do the things that we can’t. Swimming with Tiger sharks, flying with wing suits, free climbing, forgiving Tories, eating boiled bacon and cabbage, and tightrope walking to name but a few. The last one there is the feature for this video presentation when a new world record is set for urban walks in the air.

The courage, or should that be lunacy, on display in this footage is incredible. It must be a zen thing to do. Those who partake of such spectacular feats will likely be so full of confidence as to be overflowing. Rebel Voice wonders if that translates to other areas of their lives, or is it confined to stepping along a rope strung hundreds of metres in the air between skyscrapers? There is one walker in this video who does his own version of the macarena whilst standing in the middle of the rope suspended 1150 feet above the ground. Impressive or what?

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